14. Finance income and finance costs

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RUB Million
RUB Million
Interest income 1,071 819
Gain on revaluation of derivative financial instruments 679
Dividend income 10 5
Other finance income 310
Finance income 2,070 824
Interest expense (1,193) (883)
Loss on revaluation of derivative financial instruments (446)
Other finance costs (257)
Finance costs (1,450) (1,329)
Net finance income/(costs) 620 (505)

In May 2012, OJSC “Apatit” filed a claim against the tax authorities of Murmansk region for a compensation of interest on excessive tax payments for 2001 and 2003 tax years in the amount of RUB 350 million. In October 2012, the parties reached an out-of-court agreement according to which the tax authorities agreed to repay RUB 310 million. The amount of tax asset was recognised in these consolidated financial statements as other finance income. The cash was received in October 2012.